Fiber Males

Aargau Gabriel

ARI #32743425

DOB: 12 Aug 2013


Color: White

Sale Price: $1500

Gabriel has the makings of a future herdsire.   His fleece is consistent across all features.  He has a wonderful disposition and handles easily.

Spirit Song All Shall Be Well

ARI #31476324

DOB: 16 Oct 2008


Color: Beige

Sale Price: $800

Shelby was one of my first fiber boys.  He is small in stature but packs alot of fiber on his frame! He has a soft, dense beige colored fleece that makes excellent yarn.  If you are looking for an animal to supply you with lots of material for your craft projects he is the one for you.

Spirit Song Telavi

ARI #31476386

DOB: 26 August 2008


Color: Medium Brown


Sale Price: $500

Telavi is one of my first fiber boys.  He is a tall, solid gelding that draws the eye of visitors to the farm.  As he is aging his fleece is aging as well but there is still much density to it.  He gets along with the other males nicely and he would make an excellent companion for an otherwise single animal.

Aargau Endurance


ARI #32402926

DOB: 21 May 2012


Color: White


Sale Price: $800

Endurance is a solid boned male with dense, consisitent fleece.  He would make an excellent companion animal for an otherwise single animal

Spirit Song Daunte

ARI #30471337

DOB: 4 Sept 2005


Color: Medium Silver Grey


Sale Price: $800

Daunte is a large, solid boned  grey male.  Because he has blue eyes we did the responsible thing and gelded him even though he shows no indication of deafness.  He is the farms designated greeter and is quite willing to take food out of visitors hands.  His fleece has become coarse as he ages but it is still dense and alot of it. If you are looking for an animal to draw people to your farm he is the one for you.

Sabra's Late Comer

ARI# 32253436

DOB: 17 May 2011


Color: Dark Rose Grey


Sale Price: $800

Comer was the first cria born on our farm.  His beautiful dark rose grey fleece is so dense your hand disappears inside it!  He consistently is ranked high in the Staple Length EPDs.  Hoping to get some better fineness to the fleece we decided to geld him in 2015.  We are looking forward to seeing what his histogram shows in 2016.  

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